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Hi! I'm Ben Seeger.

I am a producer, director, writer, editor, and actor specializing in pre-production, production, and post-production. 


Since 2014, I have been working with Netflix, Twitch, Nike, Adult Swim, and Super Deluxe. During this time, I have created several viral videos across all platforms.  

Ben Seeger, producer, director, writer, editor, and actor


Ben Seeger Pre-Production Services

Developed web series for Super Deluxe. Wrote Parody commercials for Twitch and produced the first episode of a web series for L.A. Times. 

Ben Seeger Production Services

Directed content for Super Deluxe, LA Times, and Twitch. Cinematography for ESPN NBA Show Opens.

Ben Seeger Post-Production Services

Edited TV shows, web series, music videos and promos for Netflix, Adult Swim, Super Deluxe, Nike, and Twitch. 



Ben Seeger Client: ESPN
Ben Seeger Client: Super Deluxe
Ben Seeger Client: Netflix
Ben Seeger Client: Chilis
Ben Seeger Client: GEICO
Ben Seeger Client: Twitch
Ben Seeger Client: Adult Swim
Ben Seeger Client: NIKE
Ben Seeger Client: LA Times
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